Bioenergetic Wellness

Have Energy for Life.
Assess, Unblock & Correct
Eliminate pain, inflammation, dependency on medications and have energy for life

  • BioEnergetic Scan & Results Put your hand on the scanner and in just minutes, reveal blocks in the body field. It will reveal the root cause of your symptoms.

    This is one of nine screens that shows what needs to be healed in your body related to: Nutritional, Malabsorbtion, Sensativities, Environmental toxins, Energetic Immunity, Energy Strength, Energy Flow, Mind, Body, Spiritual and Emotional flow.

  • Unblock & Rejuvinate Specific frequencies, meridian based, for different parts of the body for targeted relief

    Experience the MiHealth for eliviating pain, inflammation and more. Restore cellular health by emitting healthy EMFs at beneficial frequencies.

  • Drops
    Correct & Restore the Body with Infoceuticals Imprinted with Bio Information to correct & heal

    Drops that are bioenergetically imprinted to open pathways to your body's natural healing messages.

What Are Feel-Good Infoceuticals?

Feel-Good Infoceuticals are designed for symptom-based home use as a “bioenergetic health maintenance kit” or “personal energetic first-aid kit” to maintain balance and continue to “feel good” in your life, or to address specific symptoms that may arise between body-field scans.

Feel Goods Set
What some recent clients say about their experience with Savant Coaching

We might be biased. Take it from our clients.

The very first month taking the infoceuticals really supported me during a stressful time, and I could finally sleep!

Sal, S. 2019

My stress is greatly reduced, I feel like a cloud lifted. The drops are magical.

Lena, S. 2019

My nails are finally incredibly strong and look normal. I have decided to eliminate my migrain medicine and using the infoceuticals.

Tricia, B. 2019

Get Rid of Fatigue, Have More Energy. Eliminate the body pain.

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