Dr. Nakita Savant
BioEnergetic Practitioner

Doctor of Higher Education Leadership
Nakita Savant was raised by a single mother in Saint Cloud, Minnesota in the early ’70s. In 1983, her mother was hit by a drunk driver which changed her life forever. Through her mother’s healing journey, she found holistic health practices which helped shape her life and career.

Nakita attained her bachelor’s degree in Applied Psychology, Master’s degree in English and Women’s Studies by 2001. She earned her doctorate degree in Higher Education Leadership in 2006.

She worked in student services, retention, career and academic coaching, and served as an Associate Dean of Faculty, until becoming an adjunct professor at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota and a Curriculum Specialist at Capella University.

In 2016, she became a certified Therapeutic Coach®, a Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistics and Hypnotherapist. Today, she continues her private practice using the Bio-Energetic WellNESS Scan, helping people as a Therapeutic Coach® and teaches at Northwestern Health Sciences University.

Nakita is known for her creativity and speaking from the heart. Nakita is married with 3 children, a cat and a dog in Minnesota. She plans to hit the RV life and continue to teach and publish online.

Degrees and Certifications
  • Bio-Energetic Practitioner
  • Doctor of Education Leadership
  • Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
  • Master Practitioner of Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology
  • Master Practitioner of Hypnosis
  • doTerra Wellness Advocate

Nakita's Awards and Accolades

Winner of the Red Carpet Award for Collaboration and Curriculum Writing in 2009 at Capella University™

Earned National Accreditation Rasmussen College in 2002 from the College Reading and Learning Association in 2003 for excellent Tutor Training Curriculum.

Nakita's Publications
Published works coming soon.

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