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with Your Savant Health Coach
"Thank you for all you do to keep me healthy. I am grateful for your expertise. Life is good!" (Valerie Lis, MA, founder Simplified EFT Tapping™)
Comprehensive Health Assessment
Individualized Solutions and Support

  • Bioenergetic Health Scan Get Information about Your Body

    Find out the root cause of your symptoms and what your body is prioritizing to heal now. Get the corrective Infoceuticals and restore your body's health.

  • Therapeutic Health Coaching Heal & Transform

    Nakita is a Master Practitioner of NLP with a variety of 20th Century techniques to help you eliminate anxiety and reach your goals.

  • Get the Products you Need to Heal

    Correct & Repair


    Infoceuticals have to carry the right information to correct specific aspects of the HBF.

Dr. Nakita Savant

BioEnergetics Practitioner, Certified Therapeutic Coach®, a Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistics and Hypnotherapist, and a Doctor of Higher Education Leadership.

What some recent clients say about their experience with Savant Coaching

Please refrain from using perfumes the day of your appointment (if it is an in-person appointment at ANY location).
These include Perfume, body sprays, scented lotions, scented hairsprays, essential oils that are sourced from trees, cigarette smoke exposure, cigar, clove smoke, etc. Thank you!

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