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"Dr. Savant is an excellent motivator, compassionate and knowledgeable. I strongly recommend her services. She made me believe I
could do it. Thank you for your support, you helped me reach the finish line. You are my coach for life"

Myriam Cadet

"My dissertation was signed off by my committee and I am offically a Doctor of Psychology. Pretty cool. Thank you for all of your help. You added to the project in substantial ways that no one else could. I am very grateful for your input." 

-James S. 2018, Graduate Student, Saint Thomas University


"I am very happy with the resume and wanted to thank you for your professionalism and timely manner with which you worked on it."
L.Armonik, 2018, Career Coaching & Editing Client


"Dr. Savant helped me set my goals toward my progress, and also she kept me focused by decreasing my writing anxiety. Dr. Savant is an excellent motivator, compassionate and knowledgeable. She is very passionate about what she is doing. I was able to overcome academic and personal setbacks for the past years. I completed my dissertation last month, and my graduation is for August this year. I strongly recommend her services; she made me believe that I could do it. Thank Dr. Savant for your encouragement, kindness, and support, you helped me reached the finish line. It is hard to believe that I am "Dr. Cadet" now! Dr. Savant, many thanks from the bottom of my heart. You are my coach for life."
—Myriam Cadet, 2017, Editing & Therapeutic Coaching® Client


"I saw Nakita for career counseling recently, unsure of what to expect. Nakita was quick to help me define my goals and see a track record of my strengths. She was critical in helping me determine a path for my future. What impressed me most during our sessions was her nimble, open mind and ability tap into her therapeutic background to give me the bigger picture. She's a gem, and I'd recommend her to anyone looking for solid guidance."
—Kristie A. 2017, Career Coaching Client


"Dr. Savant has been assisting me in my writing and comprehension since 2012, while I was working on Bachelors of Nursing degree. I have known her for a total for 5 years. I have continued to seek her professional assistance for writing and comprehension for the following reasons: Dr. Savant is: A professional and completes work on time, Listens to her clients and is detail oriented, Makes me think and improve my writing skills with her feedback, Her feedback includes many questions that increase my insight and improves the organization of paper, Assists me with grammar, sentence structure, organization and research paperwork. Honestly, I have always felt confident submitting my paperwork/assignments after Dr. Savant's suggestions, editing and feedback."

—M. Wangchuk, 2017, North Dakota State University

"Dr. Savant's acumen surrounding dissertations is valuable, and she provides utmost care in making sure that her students are acutely aware of research needed to substantiate statements. Her enthusiasm for learning, developing and researching is a breath of fresh air, and she exhibits the stamina needed to get anyone through the dissertation writing process."
—S. Zuker, 2017, Saint Mary's University Graduate Student
"I first contacted Nakita to edit a draft of my doctoral dissertation.  She was prompt and very thorough.  She also took a personal interest in my project and offered me resources and added her expertise in education to make the final product so much better than I originally imagined possible.  I have since relied on her for input on writing objectives and gaining a better understanding of curriculum development as I develop training modules for including spirituality in psychotherapy."
—James S., 2017, Editing Client, Graduate Student, Saint Thomas University of MN

"I am completing my doctorate in clinical psychology, and I was speaking with a colleague about my frustration with my dissertation process. My colleague recommended Dr. Savant as an editor. I had not previously used an editor and was at a level of frustration with my dissertation that I was not making any progress. I contracted with Dr. Savant, and the editing was completed prior to stated completion time and with a meticulous level of attention to detail. Dr. Savant's comments gave me the focus to know where to invest my time and energy in the dissertation and helped me to continue my progress which had been previously stagnated. I would highly recommend Dr. Savant for doctoral editing services, and in retrospect, I wish that I had started using her services earlier in my educational process as I feel that it would have saved hundreds of hours of frustration with writing."

—S. Shreeve 2017, Graduate Student, Antioch University 


"Dr. Savant was a true professional handling my career needs. I was in professional transition and needed to update my resume, executive summary and LinkedIn profile. Dr. Savant understood my career objectives and professional aspirations. Dr. Savant swiftly gathered all my information and discussed with me my objectives and had my professional representation updated in a very timely matter. After two weeks of working with Dr. Savant, I was made an offer, and I accepted.  Dr. Savant understands all the necessary processes of career transitions, reemployment, and how to best represent candidates to employers.  I am thankful and grateful her career coach services."
—J. M., 2017, Therapeutic Coaching® & Career Coaching Client


"My email serves as my testimony as to how and why your resume services benefited me during my employment search.  First, I have applied for several positions and their resume review of my submission has been "excellent resume" detailing your qualifications.  Next, it has become clear to me that my skills and abilities are clearly matched with those sought by the organizations I have applied to for employment.  Before, I missed that mark and often received standard replies that another candidate was selected over me.  It is the point, and your services accurately match the skills and abilities that employers seek in applications."
—A. Robinson, 2017, Career Coaching Client


"I contacted Dr. Savant to help polish my resume and executive summary. As a business owner, I had not submitted job applications for a number of years. Dr. Savant provided prompt, economical and professional help, giving what I had started, a very necessary objective "eye." She helped to prioritize my best to present my skills, strengths, and experience by first understanding who I was, by identifying my personal values. Now I have a resume and executive summary that I believe in, and that will catch the attention of employers!"
—Dave K. 2016, Therapeutic & Career Coaching Client


"Dr. Savant is my "Dissertation Therapist." She is patient, caring and knowledgeable. She gave me a lot of encouragement and feedback when editing my dissertation. Her guidance was so precious to me, and she gave me hope. With her help, my mentor and my research committee approved my chapters. Thanks again Dr. Savant, without you, my dream wouldn't be possible."
—M. Cadet, 2016, Graduate Student, Walden University


"Thank you very much for proofreading my essays. You did a fantastic job, and it looks great! I will contact you if I need some help with the interview process." 
—M. Matthew, 2016, Editing Client


"Thank you, Nakita! I do plan to stay in touch! You have been very helpful, and I got so much more than just a resume update.
Hopefully, we can meet in person someday."
—Jess Jackson, 2015, Editing & Career Coaching Client


"Just wanted to let you know that after I made the revisions to the dissertation, my committee approved the dissertation without any additional editing required. My oral defense was successfully completed 9/11/12. I will be hooded on September 23, 2012, at the Prudential Center in New Jersey. I want to thank you for your editing assistance chapter 2. You were awesome. I am now Dr. Justina Bastien."
—Dr. Justina Bastien, 2012, Editing Client, Graduate Student


"I want to thank you very much for all your help. Your level of expertise, communication skills, and ability to craft a very well done cover letter and resume for me was amazing. Plus to see that your costs were very reasonable for the level of talent you have was certainly an added bonus. I really do appreciate all you have done for me. If there is anything I can do in the future, please let me know. Thank you very much."
—M. W., 2016, Editing & Career Coaching Client, 
Mortgage Loan Officer


"I was referred to Savant Editing and Coaching when I was working on my dissertation. Nakita (Dr. Savant) was very professional and insightful as she learned about my research and helped me create a final draft. Her experience as a teacher came through as she coached me through the professional writing experience. Now that I have my doctorate, she is helping me update my resume. I am happy to refer you to Savant Editing and Coaching!"
—J. A., 2014, Editing Client, Graduate Student


"As others have mentioned, I struck an immediate rapport with Dr. Savant and a good feeling about her ability to convert paper into something readable. I had several other bids and found hers to my liking. Dr. Savant completed my proposal in about a week. I will recommend her service to my classmates and others. I had no disagreements with her comments, in fact, I found most directly on track and instructional! Thanks again Nakita for your tireless work!"
—J. Cross, 2013, Editing Client, Graduate Student


"Thank you so much! And yes, I appreciate any extra advice :)
You are awesome for all of your help! Honestly, providing your services to people changes lives, so keep doing it!"
—N. D., 2013, Graduate Student


"Nakita (Dr. Savant) has been a great help to me in my move to a second career. Her work with editing and consultation on my interactive resume is both cutting edge and forward thinking. Her salient intellect and ingenuity are impressive, notably when working with people of differing academic disciplines. Thank you, Nakita, your help has been invaluable."
—J. L., 2012, Editing Client


"I was seeking an editor to review the "literature review" section of my dissertation. A former classmate provided me with Nakita's contact information. Nakita was very receptive to reviewing my document with such a short notice. The feedback I received back from Nakita was very valuable, and the quality of her work was superb!"
—J. B. 2012, Editing Client, Graduate Student


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Positive Business Impact

There are several Minnesota Businesses that have been positively impacted by Savant Coaching.

the meta institute
meta institute

 The  Meta Institute©

In 2015-2016, Dr. Savant is working with the Meta Institute to edit the Therapeutic Coaching® © manual. Additionally, she has created their new website and is writing and publishing a book about NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

ITT Technical Institute

ITT Technical Institute

In 2005 Dr. Savant coached students at ITT Technical Institute. Dr. Savant also assisted students in their writing to attain better grades in their English Composition classes.

Minnesota School of Business

Minnesota School of Business

In 2004, Dr. Savant hired, supervised and trained faculty at the college. Dr. Savant co-facilitated academic coaching and training for faculty. We implemented Critical Theory and Humanistic practices as best practices in education..


Rasmussen College

In 2002, Dr. Savant created an Education Support Center at Rasmussen College. Dr. Savant hired and trained a staff of tutors by creating a Tutoring and Coaching Curriculum that was certified by the National Reading and Learning Association in 2004.

Saint Cloud Technical College

Saint Cloud Technical College

In 1999, Dr. Savant coached students at the Saint Cloud Technical College. Dr. Savant assisted students in their writing to attain better grades in their English Composition classes. Additionally, Dr. Savant assisted students in identifying their career path and developing robust resumes and cover letters.

Saint Cloud Police Department

Saint Cloud Police Department

In 1999, Dr. Savant conducted a training for the Saint Cloud Police Department. Dr. Savant coached officers to improve their abilities in relationships with diverse populations. This was part of a larger project for the Regional Initiatives for Diversity Education board for which I was a member.

Saint Cloud State University

Saint Cloud State University

In 1998, Dr. Savant co-led a Safe Space Training and Certification training at Saint Cloud State University. Dr. Savant coached students and faculty for the development of skills when working with the GLBTI population.

In 1999, Dr. Savant coached students as a co-instructor at the Saint Cloud State University. Dr. Savant assisted students in their writing to attain better grades in their English Composition and Literature classes. Additionally, Dr. Savant assisted students in identifying their career path and developing robust resumes and cover letters.

Saint Cloud Community

Saint Cloud Community

From 1992-1998, Dr. Savant assisted individuals and groups in identifying and developing their skills when working with diverse populations, positively impacting the community at large.

Boston Scientific

Boston Scientific

In 2015, Dr. Savant became a vendor for editing educational and business modules 
for Boston Scientific.

Augsburg College University of Minnesota
Capella University University of Phoenix
Saint Mary's University University of South Dakota
University of St. Thomas CopperSmith Gutter Company
Columbia Southern University Western Illinois

Recent Testimonial

"Dr. Savant is an excellent motivator, compassionate and knowledgeable. I strongly recommend her services. She made me believe I
could do it. Thank you for your support, you helped me reach the finish line. You are my coach for life" Myriam Cadet.

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