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Resume Writing & Editing Services

Resume Examples


Cost of Resume Services


Résumé Repair $160-$320

  • I take your existing résumé, evaluate it and bring it "up-to-speed." This includes updated formatting, branding composition, and editing resulting in a quality presentation to meet current market expectations.
  • This may also include reprioritizing major headings, adding additional positions/jobs, rewording descriptor lines so they are action oriented, to a major rewrite.
  • Create, repurpose or revise your LinkedIn account so it represents an "All Star" account.


Fully Composed and Designed Résumé $320-$480

  • I provide a fully composed and personalized résumé, based on data provided by you, through previous résumés, job descriptions, performance evaluations, and personalized data.
  • This information, along with input regarding the job target and more data from a personal conversation with you in person, by phone or video conferencing, helps me develop a personalized and branded marketing strategy for you.
  • I build your resume and career documents with the vocabulary and wording from your field or industry.
  • Create, repurpose or revise your LinkedIn account so it represents an "All Star" account.

Full Package


  • Includes the resume repair listed above and full line, by line updating of your LinkedIn account, so that your resume and LinkedIn match perfectly. This also includes a cover letter or executive summary. Employers view your LinkedIn, and other social media connected to your name to verify your resume details.
  • Includes expert advice for how to polish other areas, authentic to your LinkedIn account and how to use the website to network effectively.
  • Create, repurpose or revise your LinkedIn account so it represents an "All Star" account.


Note: All of the above levels include permanent storage of your documents in our databases to facilitate future revisions and edits.

Refund Policy: there are no refunds. If I make a mistake (very rare!) I will simply fix it!


Have Confidence in Your Finished Work

Comprehensive Edits for Individuals and Businesses

Rest assured we will make your document immaculate.  A typical comprehensive edit includes specific formatting (APA, MLA, HSA, etc., whatever you request) and proof-reading for grammar, organization and flow. We use "tracked changes," so you can see all we have done.

Track Changes

Dissertation Editing Sample

Standard Rates for Editing

Note: The rates listed below are provided as a general guideline. Since every order is unique to the individual, we review the specifics of the project before estimating the cost.

Proofreading: Corrects only typos, grammar and spelling. This editing is for documents that have already been edited and need one final review to ensure 100% accuracy.
-Standard Rate: approx. $3.50/page

Copy Editing: Includes proofreading and style formatting, as well as improvements to flow, clarity and language. This editing is for well-written documents that require minimal changes.
-Standard Rate: approx. $6.25/page

Line Editing: Includes copy editing, as well as improvements to flow, transition, scholarly tone and style formatting (such as APA 6th, MLA, etc.). Also includes detailed critical analysis and consultation on the organization and content of your document. Line editing is the most popular type of editing and is suitable for most rough drafts.
-Standard Rate: approx. $8.75/page–$11.35/page

Heavy Developmental Editing: This level of service is ideal for people who are early in the writing process and require substantive help organizing and structuring their content and/or addressing their advisor’s/managers feedback, as well as ESL students or others who require extra assistance reformulating and rephrasing their sentences and paragraphs for clarity and tone.
-Standard Rate: approx. $12.50/page–$19.00/page

Formatting: Includes all necessary adjustments to citations, layout, table of contents, margins, font, tables and other typographical issues for a particular manual of style. Our team includes specialists in APA 6th Edition, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, AMA, ASA and HSA manuals of style. We can also adjust your document for any other formatting requirements, as long as you provide the style guide. This service is included with most line editing.

Prices vary; please send your document for an exact quote.

Refund Policy: there are no refunds. If I make a mistake (very rare!) I will simply fix it!

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