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Dr. Savant provides Self-Publishing Services for You

Full service publishing through Amazon includes:

    • Any necessary scanning of documents and pictures, conversion to MS Word or PDF and a digital copy of your book. General formatting of your book per Kindle publishing Guideline Standards.

    • Live publication of your book on Amazon Kindle for either/both Kindle (digital, paperback/hardcover) purchase, at the price of your choice. YOUR BOOK FOR SALE ON AMAZON.

    • Full Amazon and Kindle account creation to manage your book.

    • Assistance with Amazon marketing and promotion of your book.

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Savant Publications


Life Coaching Publications

A Guide For Coaching Book

A Guide For Coaching

Field Manual for Coaching: Heal, Release and Transform using Neurolinguistics Programming, Hypnosis & Coaching.

Click here to Learn more about Field Manual for Coaching

Other Publications

Boil Perfect Eggs

Boil Perfect Eggs:

Click here for more information

Academic Publications

Thesis Book Picture

Master Thesis:

Published on the shelf at Saint Cloud State University under maiden name.

Gender and Language

Attitudes Toward Diversity Book

Doctoral Dissertation:

Published on the shelf at Saint Mary's University under previous pen name.

(Attitudes Toward Diversity) - Link

*unformatted Kindle version under previous pen-name

Poetry Publications

Books of Poetry:

Arborist of the Heart

Archivist of Feminine Intention

Poetry Accolades

• Winner of University Poetry Contest English Graduate Department, Saint Cloud State University 1998. Poetry publicly displayed.
• Published poetry works in hard-cover book: Poetic Voices of America: Treasured Poems of America 1990.
• Published poetry piece in soft-cover book: Sparrowgrass Poetry Forum 1991-1992
• Upper Mississippi Harvest Literary and Art Magazine Saint Cloud State University two poems in 1999-2000
• MN Council of Teacher of English Vol.30, #1, three poems and three research articles. Three research articles entitled: Sexism and Language Reform, Feminist Pedagogies and Queer Theory.