Come see me at the "Mind, Body, Spirit: Edge Expo" Saturday from 10-6 & Sunday from 10-5, at the Earle Brown Heritage Center, Minneapolis, MN.

Get the Coaching You Deserve

Learn the "How" to Increase Your

Energy for Life and

Eliminate your

Pain Body.


Come in to experience the strategies that release blocks, overcome challenges and be more successful at work and in relationships. Learn how to transform your energy so that you can be happy.

Listen to Dr. Savant  briefly discuss Therapeutic Coaching®

Dr. Nakita Savant's Certifications:
Certified Therapeutic Coach
Master Practitioner of N.L.P (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
Master Practitioner of Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology™
Master Practitioner of Hypnosis;

B.A in Psychology & Doctor of Leadership.

Coaching Price: 90.00 per hour and you can schedule just 1 hour. Packages are OPTIONAL.

Dr. Savant offers a sliding scale fee at a lower cost to those with financial need.


Coaching Packages Available and OPTIONAL:

After your introductory session, you may (or may not) choose a Coaching Packages for Great Savings:


Silver for Starters
3 Sessions for 256.50, saving you 5% or 13.50 (with cash payment)
Gold Go Getters
6 Sessions for 497.00, saving 8% or 43.00 (with cash payment)
Platinum Transformation
9 Sessions for 729, saving 10% or 81.00 (accepting credit card)


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Recent Testimonial

The process of being able to voice my issues and Dr. Savants probing questions about how events and my emotions were impacting me helped me see patterns that could be changed. In subsequent sessions and with homework; she helped me stop thinking of myself as someone who things happened to- instead helping me see opportunities to take action....[she] gave me perspective on my own motivations and how sometimes they ran contrary to my goals. I recognize what a great resource Dr. Savant has been to me and will continue to work with her because she helps me be accountable to myself in achieving anything I want to achieve. ~ Rebecca J.

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