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Have Confidence in Your Finished Work

Ensure pinpoint grammatical and formatting accuracy with Savant Coaching. From editing, proofreading, and APA formatting to coaching, and advising, we offer comprehensive services that keep you on the path to success. See the rates tab for more information on getting a quote.

Comprehensive Edits for Individuals and Businesses

Editing for Academic, Business, Fiction & Non-Fiction Works of Writing

Rest assured we will make your document immaculate.  A typical comprehensive edit includes specific formatting (APA, MLA, HSA, etc., whatever you request) and proof-reading for grammar, organization and flow. We use "tracked changes," so you can see all we have done.

Send us your document and we'll give a free sample edit, estimate, and the date range, it will be completed.  Rush editing is available!

Track Changes

Dissertation Editing Sample

Journal Article Editing

Feel confident about your article before submitting it to a professional journal.  We've published journal articles and have plenty of experience editing articles for students and professors.

People use my team because we follow all of the rules and expectations of each particular journal. My services are very personalized and I provide free phone consultations and free sample edits. Need additional articles for your literature review? Let us do the legwork for you.  See the form below to order articles or call Dr. Savant now.

Standard Rates for Editing

Note: The rates listed below are provided as a general guideline. Since every order is unique to the individual, we review the specifics of the project before estimating the cost.

Proofreading: Corrects only typos, grammar and spelling. This editing is for documents that have already been edited and need one final review to ensure 100% accuracy.
-Standard Rate: approx. $3.50/page

Copy Editing: Includes proofreading and style formatting, as well as improvements to flow, clarity and language. This editing is for well-written documents that require minimal changes.
-Standard Rate: approx. $6.25/page

Line Editing: Includes copy editing, as well as improvements to flow, transition, scholarly tone and style formatting (such as APA 6th, MLA, etc.). Also includes detailed critical analysis and consultation on the organization and content of your document. Line editing is the most popular type of editing and is suitable for most rough drafts.
-Standard Rate: approx. $8.75/page–$11.35/page

Heavy Developmental Editing: This level of service is ideal for people who are early in the writing process and require substantive help organizing and structuring their content and/or addressing their advisor’s/managers feedback, as well as ESL students or others who require extra assistance reformulating and rephrasing their sentences and paragraphs for clarity and tone.
-Standard Rate: approx. $12.50/page–$19.00/page

Formatting: Includes all necessary adjustments to citations, layout, table of contents, margins, font, tables and other typographical issues for a particular manual of style. Our team includes specialists in APA 6th Edition, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, AMA, ASA and HSA manuals of style. We can also adjust your document for any other formatting requirements, as long as you provide the style guide. This service is included with most line editing.

-Prices vary; please send your document for an exact quote.

Refund Policy: there are no refunds. If I make a mistake (very rare!) I will simply fix it!

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Do You Need Assistance Finding Research?

Let me know about your research project, key words and my team will do comprehensive research of
professional journals and deliver articles to you.

A Professional Statistician Saves You Time and Frustration

Instead of laboring through the statistical analysis on your own, facing frustration over minutia and the potential for unreliable interpretations, let us guide you through the process. We can help you focus on what’s most important: the meaning behind your data and conveying that meaning effectively.

Statistical Analysis

Most quantitative studies require the inclusion and analysis of statistical data. Unless you are already well versed in statistics, this can add significant, frustrating challenges to the stressful process of writing your dissertation or article for publication.

Our statistician specializes in offering straightforward services to assist with any aspect of your statistical analysis.

Statistical Analysis Methods Commonly Include:

  • T-test
  • Paired t-test
  • Chi-square test
  • Repeated Measures ANOVA
  • Factor Analysis
  • Cluster Analysis
  • Power Analysis
  • Linear Regression
  • Logistic Regression
  • Correlation
  • Mann-Whitney test
  • Kruskal-Wallis test
  • Wilcoxon Signed-Ranks test
  • McNemar’s Test
  • Friedman’s Test
  • Structural Equation Modeling (SEM)

Our statisticians are adept in a variety of advanced statistical methods, they will ensure you fully understand your analysis. Our statistical expert will provide you with the graphs and charts you need. Finally, they will work with you one-on-one until you grasp the results and implications of your data.

Our Statistical Analysis Services Include:

  • Planning and preparation consultation
  • Developing statistical considerations (statistical hypotheses, statistical methods, appropriate analytic techniques, and sample size justification) for dissertation proposals
  • Reviewing methodologies, survey instruments, and datasets
  • Data import and formatting
  • Statistical analysis of data, including concise written reports with appropriate tables and graphs
  • Utilizing statistical software packages, including SPSS, SAS, STATA, R, LISREL/AMOS/EQS for structural equation modeling and others.
  • Consultation on interpreting and reporting statistical procedures
  • Troubleshooting issues with in-progress analyses
  • Reviewing your results and interpretation
  • Developmental editing to method and results chapters
  • Formatting your statistical results
  • Assistance with preparing to present your work
  • Reviewing and interpreting  feedback
  • Feedback and consultation on the strength of your content

Call or email us to receive an exact price quote.

Integrating Your Results

Along with providing you with clearly interpreted, meticulously formatted statistical material, we can also help you to integrate your results into your dissertation. We offer comprehensive editing and formatting services, and we can conform to any style guide you require. From basic proofreading to thorough developmental editing, our services will ensure that your dissertation or thesis is well written, free of error, and presents your statistical data in a clear and meaningful way.